The Insights Institute also serves as the ‘base’ for expert-based and objective knowledge on specific managerial, commercial, economic, political and societal areas offered through our advisory firm CI Consulta. 

Information, whether gathering or disseminating, is a critical resource to any organisation, and the different parts of Corporate ID Group move together to generate knowledge that informs and communicates corporate strategy.

True to our origins, the Corporate ID Group works with clients to build and develop organisations into corporate identities in a strategic, successful manner through the  Corporate Identities.

We bring our clients the best view of the world, and the world the best view of its clients. The Group has symbiotic understanding of ‘Information for the client’ and ‘information about the client’ and takes a unique approach to growth, based on intelligence models.

The Group is committed to channel its wealth of resources onto one sole player in any given industry and turns it into a reference point within its sector. Our extensive knowledge-based network shapes clients into leaders and makes them the most sought for, talked about operator by the people who matter.